We Lead Comtech Inc.

Electric Utility Solutions

I. Revenue Assurance Suite
Revenue is the most important index in every enterprise. This is especially true to power industries that provide reliable energy to billions of people around the globe. With the emerging technology, more and more people become dependent to electricity for every day needs. This is why it is very important for electric utilities and power generation companies to protect and assure their revenue in order to continually provide for the needs of their constituents.

We Lead Power, Ltd. provides tailor-fit solutions to generation, transmission, and distribution companies in order to ensure them their revenue. We also offer technologies applicable to substations and consumers which will greatly minimize their technical and non-technical losses. We devote ourselves to help power companies prove that the power grid they are running is more stable, reliable, scientific, economic, and safe through our solutions. Thus, ensuring their revenue is sustainable and healthy

a. SCADA/EMS Solution
i.Provides real-time monitoring and control functions in generation, transmission, and substation.
ii. Provides system integration, information sharing, and smooth workflow interaction.
iii. Supplies efficient decision-support for energy generation, transmission, and substation planning, operation, maintenance and management.
iv. Improves the reliability of power supply, service level, and the efficiency of energy utilization.

v. System Architecture

b. Fault Current Indicator (FCI)

i. Supplies efficient decision-support for fault identification, fault diagnosis, and quick fault location, fault isolation and power supply restoration for non-faulty areas.
ii. Improves the reliability of power supply, service level and the efficiency of energy utilization.
iii. Reduces the technical line loss and monitors the non-technical line loss in real-time.
iv. System Architecture

c. SMART Prepayment System
i. Provides online/offline STS prepaid vending system construction.
ii. Provides a variety of payment methods such as CDU, E-bank, ATM, Mobile POS, Scratch Card and Mobile phone.
iii. Reduces the non-technical line loss through reduced tampering, losses, failure to pay, overload, etc.
i. Decreases utility cost for issuing invoice.
ii. Remotely switches postpaid and prepaid mode.
iii. System Architecture

I. Advance Metering Solution
a. Plain Meters
i. WLP1S/2S—ANSI Compliant, bi-directional, two wire single phase kilowatt hour meter designed for high reliability, accuracy, and sturdiness, while being cost effective. It displays the KWH consumption on a lard LCD which can be clearly read from up to 15 feet above the ground. It has anti-tamper features and is certified by Energy Regulatory commission

1. WLP-12R/12C—Single phase register/LCD meter is new generation watt-hour meter designed for measuring energy consumption in single phase services, it is a cost effective choice for residential and light commercial application.

1. STS and SMART Meters—new generation of single-phase smart prepayment meter which integrate AMI with STS prepayment functions. With a plug-and-play communication module and keypad in the front of the meter cover, it provides multi-vending feasibilities for both remote and local credit charging.

1. Power Generation Solution
We Lead Comtech Inc. provide various diesel generator solution for household applications to large commercial applications.  Enterprise Companies can choose different kinds of engines from Cummins, Deutz, Perkins, Tang and match it with various Alternator providers. One key advantage of our Generator solution is our ability to control and monitor generator status from any part of the globe. Users can start, stop and identify issues in the generator remotely.

Communications Solutions

1. Transport Facility Solution
a. Microwave Solution— Broadband Wireless portfolio delivers last-mile wireless LTE and WiMAX solutions for enterprises, service providers, defense agencies, security agencies, and remote communities. A wide range of point-to-point and point-to-multipoint radio systems, coupled with robust and scalable broadband gateways enable multiple applications to be supported and deployed.

EION was built on its strength and experience in IP networking protocols, and quickly became a world leader in delivering a range of IP solutions that will ensure a network is secure, reliable, scalable and flexible. EION is an industry pioneer in delivering mission-critical IP solutions for Telecom and Defense equipment manufacturers. With the world’s leading IP solution that enables: Routing (IPv4 and IPv6), Security, Quality of Service (QoS), MPLS and related embedded IP technologies for satellite, wired and wireless networks. Over 120 equipment manufacturers already incorporate EION’s real-time embedded software globally.

b. Fiber Optic Solution— With an ever increasing consumer demand for ubiquitous internet access at home, work, and via mobile phones, the need for high capacity optical networks is at an all time high. Whether the application is long haul, regional, metro, access, wireless back haul, IP backbones, PON, or video distribution, Go!Foton offers a full line of essential optical components required to create high performance, reliable optical communications networks.

The Go!Foton product lineup includes Wavelength Division Multiplexers,Optical Couplers/Splitters/taps and detectors for optical power monitoring. Products are available in discrete packages or as customized integrated modules. Go!Foton offers a full range of solution options based on specific application requirements and budget.

2. Digital Customer Engagement Solution—is a revolutionary way for businesses to engage with their customers and become more meaningful in their lives. It’s about individualized customer journeys with ongoing, dynamic, and evolving dialogues. Digital Customer Engagement businesses can implement a proactive, adaptive dialogue with every customer, on every channel and touchpoint, and personalize every engagement to the customer’s context at that moment. The results are ramped-up revenues, and customers who are highly satisfied and loyal.