About WLCI

WE LEAD COMTECH INC. is a trading, distribution, and manufacturing company specializing in providing solutions and services to the telecommunications, power, energy, utilities, health, hospitality and other key industries. We provide cutting edge software, enterprise solutions, hardware and specialized equipment to  meet the ever- becoming complex and challenging needs of our clients.

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Our business dealing are driven by our emphasis on Innovation, Mutual Partnership, and Exemplary Service. Best of all, we are anchored on our desire to “always provide the best options” that enables our client to co-create the solution with us and realize greater value.

Brief History

We Lead Comtech was fueled by a dream to tap fresh minds and eager hearts by a group of five (5)  driven successful executives. Always on the road and ever-looking for ways to provide nurturing employment to the youth, they formed the company in March 2007 with the hope that it would also help spur national development.

With their combined expertise and experience in Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Technical and Software Solutions, the five (5) businessmen ventured to provide solutions, initially in the telecommunications industry where they initially honored their careers. They also partnered with key vendors and partners are abroad to deepen their range of services and solutions.